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Film composer

Here's our latest film Kosketuksia / Touch, released 11 September 2021.
The soundtrack for the film is an 8-minute piano composition made using an electronically extended piano sound. The single notes seem to float and sparkle in air, the bass is too heavy and during the quiet passages you can hear the sound of keys being released.

I've composed music and otherwise participated in the making of 17 short films by the group Ihmiskunnan ainoa toivo starting in 1999. You can watch everything for free on our website.

My first feature film Poissa (directed by Arttu Haglund) was screened at the Midnight Sun Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival and it won awards at Fantaspoa Festival in Brazil and Fantasporto Festival in Portugal. Here's a sample of the music. Cello by Markus Hohti, a few notes of guitar by me.


Piano Trio No 1 (a Silent Music Film) What is music like when there is no sound?
Directed by Ismo Kiesiläinen and me. Read more about the film here.

Video production

Sound mix and video for Suomen Nuorisokuoro / Finlands Ungdomskör.

Filming and editing a video for the band Retronauts.

A documentary film of a walk through the Helsinki and Espoo Waterfront Walkway (Rantaraitti)

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